Entrepreneurship Training “Innovative Startups – Brain gain, not brain drain”

Two days entrepreneurship training was organised on the behalf of the Western Balkans Alumni Association for WBAA members and Erasmus Alumni on 18-19. September in Novi Sad in Serbia.   

Entrepreneurship Training “Innovative Starups – Brain gain, not brain drain

Two days entrepreneurship training was organised on the behalf of the Western Balkans Alumni Association for WBAA members and Erasmus Alumni on 18-19. September in Novi Sad in Serbia

The entire Western Balkans region, including Serbia, faces the problem of young educated and talented people going abroad for work – “Brain drain”. With this project we tried to take small contribution in solving this huge problem. We would like to keep young, educated and talented people (especially former Erasmus students and WBBA members) in the country by offering them the possibility to create and apply their business ideas through self-employment (“Brain gain”) (our overall long term objective) In such way they will realize their own potentials and contribute to the development of the country and the region. For this reason, with this training, we wanted to help these young people and show them how their innovative ideas and skills could be developed and realized through the startup of their own business. We also wanted to give them information on how to expand their business in the Western Balkans region and the European market. 

The main objectiveof the project was to transfer basic knowledge and skills to members of WBAA and other alumni in the field of entrepreneurship. The project was successfully implemented in Novi Sad at the premises of the EU Info Point in Novi Sad. More than 40 WBAA and former Erasmus students applied and we selected 17 participants. All participants evaluated training, coaches’ expertise, organization of training and socializing with the highest grades.The participants developed new and innovative business ideas which should be realized very soon and created strong networking. After training we promoted 8 new WBAA members so far, and maybe more (their friends, etc). By posting PowerPoint Presentations on entrepreneurship in English on the WBAA website, this knowledge and information will be available to all members of WBAA.

The unexpected positive result is that the participants expressed a wish for more networking and during networking dinner we created a new project team and after two new members have applied for ongoing WBAA project call. The result of the promotional activities is that the students and the academic community of Novi Sad, Erasmus students of the Balkans and Europe, as well as the general public are informed about the Western Balkans Alumni Association, its main goals and values, about the project, training and its results. In this way, the visibility of the WBAA in the region and beyond and the number of WBAA members has been significantly increased.

Our partners in the preparation and implementation of the project were: EU Info Point Novi Sad and University Business Academy Novi Sad.  EU Info Point played a significant role in promoting training and published an article about WBAA, training and its results on its own Website covering the whole of Serbia. In this way we have taken attention of the general public of the increasing problem of brain drain in this region. It has been shown that training like this one could be one way of resolvnig the problem of youth unemployment and  their leaving out of the country (Brain gain, not brain drain).

The project met the first cluster by promoting this event (training) in local and national media and on relevant web portals. In this way the project increased visibility of WBAA, especially among the students and other alumni who could become members of WBAA. This project directly met the second cluster by organizing training which would improve entrepreneurship skills and knowledge of alumni. This project met the third cluster by dissemination of PPT presentations in English on the WBAA website.

Links to the project website and social media:

FB group Western Balkans Alumni Association:

FB group of University of Novi Sad

FB group of Regional Development Agency Bačka

FB group of Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad

FB group Erasmus Plus

FB group Balkans Youth Council

FB group Erasmus Plus Project Expert

FB page EU Info Point Novi Sad

The article about this project, training and WBAA was published on the website of the EU Info Centre which provide news for all regions of Serbia: The news made by the EU Info Centre are available to all media in Serbia.

Vesna Travica

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