Erasmus+ Ambassadors- Empowering Erasmus Alumni

The event “Erasmus+ Ambassadors” took place in Belgrade from 12th-13th October and gathered 40 alumni of the Erasmus programme as well as other mobility programmes (members of the WBAA and potential WBAA members) from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia with the goal of promoting the WBAA, informing the participants of different exchange programmes of the mobility benefits and the way in which the alumni can use their mobility experience to build a personal brand.

On the first day of the project the “Erasmus+ Ambassadors” conference took place. During this day the participants were able to learn more of the possibilities the WBAA offers to the alumni of mobility programmes and the personal experiences of individual mobility participants:

Nina Kemera, EVS, Serbia

Amra Kuliančić, EVS and Erasmus+, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mila Lukić, Join EU-See Penta and ErasmusMundus, Serbia

Dejan Galovski, Erasmus+ and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, North Macedonia

Moreover, the personal and professional benefits of mobility programmes were brought to the participants and they got the chance to attend a lecture on personal branding by Marko Cvetković, the marketing director of PEPSI Serbia.

The second day consisted of a workshop on “Empowering Erasmus+ Ambassadors”. During the workhop, they learn how to promote Erasmus and other mobility programmes, as well as how to build a personal brand with the help of following instructors:

Jelena Radović,: director of Pasaz Advertising, marketing consultant and lecturer at the projects of the Ministry of Youth and Sport

Nikolina Đurić: instructor at the Erasmus Student Network and former communications manager of Erasmus Student Network Serbia

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