Podgorica, 26-28th October 2018

Regional Board Meeting in Podgorica

Western Balkans Alumni Association held a regional board meeting on 26-28.10.2018 in Podgorica, Montenegro. Together with the European Commission and the Service Provider many new projects were discussed, amongst those...

Ohrid, March 15-17, 2018

Balkan Confluence: Kick off meeting of WBAA

The official kick-off event of the Western Balkans Alumni Association took place on March 15-17 in Ohrid, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. #wbaakickoff. Pictures by Ana Kostovska

Belgrade, September 2017

WB PET Ministerial meeting in Belgrade

6th Ministerial Meeting of the Western Balkans Platform on Education and Training, Belgrade, September 2017

Budapest, August 2017

Training for ESAA Trainers

As the beginning of the future collaboration between Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA) and Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA), participants from WBAA were invited to participate in training for...

Brussels, August 2017

2nd dialogue on a Western Balkans Alumni Association & 2nd WBAA – ESAA cooperation meeting

Brussels, March 2017

1st Meeting of the WBAA with the ESAA

Podgorica (Montenegro), November 2016

Balkan Connexion: Dialog on a Western Balkans Regional Alumni Association

Balkan Connexion: Dialogue on a Western Balkans Regional Alumni Association, Podgorica, November 2016

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