The possibility for WBAA members to implement their own project is one key essence and relevant task of WBAA in order to realise and follow the objectives of WBAA.

With WBAA Projects, WBAA members not only get the chance to realise their own ideas supported by other partners and organisations from the higher education context but also improve the regional cooperation within the Western Balkan region and strengthen the idea of the network. In addition to that they are dealing with important issues from the region and thereby provide concrete solutions and measures for these regional topics.

Bringing people together, developing international project ideas and creating events, concepts and formats that go beyond their boundaries – these are some essential aspects of WBAA Projects. WBAA members can also acquire relevant learning experiences for their personal and professional life. They can create new networks and relations with other WBAA members and groups, share knowledge, intensify and broaden their skills.

This opportunity for project implementation is crucial for impact to increase reach, to build up and foster networks with the relevant stakeholders, to leverage synergies (especially with other European stakeholders like EUDs, NEOs, NAs) and finally to establish WBAA as an active and relevant player in the field of international HE mobility, quality and innovation. The possibility to apply for and conduct such projects will attract additional volunteers to get involved in WBAA’s work, thus making membership more interesting and WBAA livelier.

WBAA Projects is the main tool to give WBAA members room for their creativity, to foster outreach, to activate the local and regional networks and to make WBAA more visible and relevant.

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