Call for WBAA Projects

Multiple times per year a Call for WBAA Projects is published, watch our news on the homepage and social media channels for the next one.

We are very much looking forward to your projects!

WBAA Project Scheme

The quarterly scheme consists of three phases:

Phase I: Competition

In the first phase we have the Call for WBAA Projects with the submission deadline being ca. four weeks after the publication of the call. The evaluation process and the notifications of the results takes ca. four weeks after the submission deadline.

Phase II: Elaboration

In the second phase the accepted project ideas must be developed to a detailed project design including all relevant information like resources, exact timeline, on so on. The service provider (SP) and the submitter will elaborate the project implementation plan together. The SP will support the development of the project. Once the design is ready, the SP and the submitter will conclude with a formal agreement and the project plan will be presented to the European Commission (EC) for its final approval. Given the formal agreement on the implementation plan and the EC’s approval the project can enter the third phase.

Phase III: Implementation

In this phase, most costs and expenses can and will be covered according to the implementation plan directly by the SP, unburdening the project coordinator and the participants from advance payment. The project coordinator will implement the project in the next six months and at the end of the project she/he must send a final narrative report to the SP together with a news item to wrap-up the project.

Thematic Clusters

You can submit your project proposal that falls under one or more of the following thematic clusters:

  • Cluster 1: Events for Erasmus+ and WBAA promotion
  • Cluster 2: Training sessions for volunteers and WBAA activists (capacity building, career development, project or entrepreneurship skills, etc.)
  • Cluster 3: Projects promoting research in higher education
  • Cluster 4: Projects promoting modernisation and internationalisation of higher education in the region
  • Cluster 5: Other outreach projects providing knowledge exchange and networking opportunities

The application needs to align with at least one of the clusters listed above. When submitting the application, the applicant will be asked to justify how their project idea aligns to these clusters.

Project Writing Manual

The WBAA Projects Team has produced a practical guide for applying for WBAA projects. Please note that the webpage and other provided documents are updated more frequently than the manual:
WBAA Project Writing Manual

Questions that have been answered at Q&A sessions during past Calls for WBAA Projects could be found here:
Q+A Sessions, WBAA Projects 2021

These documents will be helpful if your project is selected

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