WBAA Projects 2020

WBAA Online Projects 2020

We are happy to present the first online projects that have been selected in the first round of applications for WBAA online projects 2020 .

We want to thank all applicants for their great and inspiring project proposals. We received several great applications and have the opportunity to support 5 online projects in this round. In the following you find a short overview of all projects that have been accepted.

Stay tuned for any news and updates regarding these projects on our website and social media channels!



eraZOOMus is an informative and interactive online platform that offers information to the WBAA and non-WBAA academic community (students, teachers, administration) about different topics regarding Erasmus+ programmes. While the main focus will be on international exchange topics like Capacity Building, Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees and Jean Monnet, other key actions will be included in interactive discussions and shared through  articles, forums, videos, blogs, and live online sessions. The aim is to establish relations and increase mobilities between Erasmus+ programme and partner countries.

Project manager: Adnan Rahimic


“Communication is real sensation!”

This training aims to encourage participants from  Western Balkan countries (B&H, Montenegro and Serbia) to improve their communication skills, learn how to recognise and apply certain communication styles online and offline and advance the basics of nonverbal communication along with the introduction and practicing of the “elevator pitch” – a concept which is becoming an increasingly present means of realising potential ideas in the private and business world. This educational project will be realised through three online training sessions and conducted by Marija Stevuljević, M. A , a highly skilled trainer with proven experience in EU educational projects and online education,

Project manager: Milan Milenković


“OPEN B&H – Opportunities Presence through Erasmus+ Networking in B&H”

With the project OPEN we hope to “tackle” the topic of EU’s “deepening” and “widening” possibilities in this region (of Bosnia & Herzegovina) through educational programmes like Erasmus+ and to stress the importance of openness and regional cooperation through international collaboration and projects providing sustainability for future generations. It is inevitable to look upon the recent pandemic COVID-19 situation and find opportunities in the „new normal“ life. The online event will be organised in order to raise awareness of the importance to increase applications to open calls within Erasmus+ and other EU funded programmes and contribute to capacity building in different topics such as education, migration, religion, freedoms, covid19, etc.

Also, the lack of an active citizenry is often taken as one of the reasons for B&H’s stagnation in the reform and EU integration process, thus the objective of this project in the context of public university is not only to educate but also to support students in deepening their knowledge on EU related issues. In order to deepen and diversify selected EU related courses, this project will rely on the expertise of   academic staff from the University of Sarajevo, experts from governmental institutions and international organisations. This project will also provide an international platform for scientific discussion on the contemporary EU related issues and to provide conclusions and recommendations that will be further distributed to the public and to relevant decision makers.

Project manager: Hatidza Jahic


“Project Management Tools for More Powerful Youth”

The crisis caused by COVID-19 in the past period imposed the need for application of new methods and techniques in the working world and as never before pointed out the need for the digitalisation of society and the possession of digital skills. The main aim of this project is “to increase the knowledge and skills of young people to apply ICT and project management tools in their working environment during a crisis, such as COVID-19”. More precisely, this includes that young people from the Western Balkans, i.e. participants in this project, acquire news skills with regard to activity management on distance, digitalisation of work processes, new methods of communication and cooperation and the like. 

Project manager: Dane Josifovski


“Using the time wisely during the COVID-19 pandemic – Experiences and perspectives of young people in the Western Balkans”

The new coronavirus pandemic has unexpectedly affected young people worldwide. The unprecedented circumstances associated with quarantine, limitations and new challenges in education have surely left a deep impression. On the other hand, every cloud has a silver lining. Having plenty of time to think and work in the comfort of our home also provided a chance to be productive and creative, to reconsider priorities, to find novel solutions and bring about change in our beliefs and behaviour. This project aims to bring together WBAA members, students, and early career researchers from Western Balkans countries to share their perspectives and real-life experiences as well as to give insights into their innovative and successful approaches to studying, research and the adaptation to dynamic situations. The specific aim and objectives of this project are in line with the mission of WBAA – namely to empower youth by encouraging them to achieve personal and academic growth even in tough times. The planned activities will be conducted in the form of online meetings giving WBAA members the opportunity for remote collaboration. A series of webinars will follow focused on four WB countries (Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, and Montenegro). 

Project manager: Klejda Harasani 


* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence



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