WBAA Projects 2022

1st Call for WBAA Projects 2022: Selected Projects

After the evaluation of projects of the 1st Call for WBAA Projects 2022 including the consultation of the WBAA Regional Board and the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), four projects were selected. Unfortunately, no more could be accepted, even though many great projects were handed in (12 in total). With all four of the selected projects, an agreement has now been signed.

While three of them have already started their implementation phase in September, one of them will be postponed to spring 2023, due to clarifications that were required, but were successfully done.

We would like to give you a brief overview of the selected projects:

JOB – Preparation Application Simulation

Project coordinator: Dejan Galovski

The project aims to organise a training session “JOB – Preparation Application Simulation” in the English language from 6 – 9 October  in the mountain resort Popova Sapka, North Macedonia. The maximum number of participants in a training session is 20 WBAA members. The project will be organised by the applicant and one co-applicant with the support of two local Western Balkan NGOs. Besides education participants will have a chance to enjoy and hike in the mountain with a professional tour guide. The goal of the project is to prepare WBAA members for the job interview and to give skills on how to successfully pass the job interview. Besides the educational part, the project will have the aim to make connections among WBAA members who will share their experiences and make a strong WBAA community.


WBAA Mentorship Programme

Project coordinator: Marjola Memaj

Through the WBAA Mentorship programme prospective Erasmus+ students will be able to expand their knowledge on the opportunities that Erasmus+ offers, learn crucial skills for a successful scholarship application and be exposed to personal and professional development through a relationship-based and skill-based programme that will add to their formal education experience.
The project will provide access to information in a more personalised and practical ways, where the knowledge transfer will be instantly and not digested after the end of project.


Western Balkan Symposium: Physics Educators for Better Science Education (PEBSE)

Project coordinator: Semra Sikira

We aim to empower physics educators of Western Balkan in their role of increasing scientific literacy of their students. Through the Western Balkan Symposium: Physics Educators for Better Science Education (PEBSE), high-school teachers, university professors, regional experts and students will get a forum to have their opinions heard, a community of people all aware of the same problem and passionate about resolving it. During the Physics Educators for Better Science Education (PEBSE), participants will have an opportunity to hear great lectures, participate in lively discussions and increase their networking skills. Not only does our project support internationalisation and research opportunities of Higher Education staff in the region but it also promotes WBAA by showcasing what their alumni, empowered through Erasmus+ projects, are capable of doing – organising an event that can have far-reaching consequences on the education system in the region.


And starting in spring 2023:

Humans of Erasmus+

Project coordinator: Naida Hodžić

The main goal of the “Humans of Erasmus+” project that we will achieve is to produce a documentary and create a digital brochure that will include up to 15 personal experiences from Erasmus+ alumni members that come from BiH, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro, as well as presenting universities and cities/countries that they come from. With the help of two external professionals specialised in the multimedia and design field, I will visit each of the mentioned countries and create recordings, photos and conduct interviews that will later be edited and used in creating a documentary and brochure. Through communication with international relations offices from different universities, I will be able to create a base of IRO contacts from Western Balkan, and I’ll provide that resource so it can be used for a section on the WBAA site to enable all IRO contacts within one place. It is planned to conduct all necessary activities by the end of January, and the documentary and brochure will be promoted in coordination with the University of Sarajevo, and in cooperation with EU-Delegation, WBAA, and youth portals. The documentary can be published on WBAA’s YouTube too.


Germany, Cologne, 31 October 2022

Bachir Bibouche on behalf of the Service Provider

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