Training sessions in communication development and WBAA promotion

The training sessions in communication development and WBAA promotion took place in Stip, North Macedonia, from 25th to 27th October. The project gathered 29 WBAA members from all the Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia) for three days focusing on training sessions in skills needed for the WBAA Communication & IT team. The idea for this project was born from the need of more specialized knowledge within the WBAA Communication & IT team. This concerned two specific topics in relation to digital marketing:

  • communication strategies and planning
  • social media content creation

Furthermore, as the team focused on growing the WBAA community, the WBAA promotion was an important objective. Two parallel sessions were held during the first and the second day of the training. The first training in communication strategies and planning in digital marketing was conducted by the MBA graduate Eduart Vlusha. The training was focused on developing a communication plan used in the digital media and practical aspects of event planning. The second training was conducted by the movie director Gentian Kurti, with regard to social media content creation (video/image creation and editing). The training session demonstrated in a practical manner how content creation (images/videos) works.

During the last part of the second day of the training, a common session was held with both teams in the form of a role-play on the realization of a project related event. In doing so, the social media content creation team realized the technical part of the event, which resulted in the creation of a WBAA promotional poster and a professional video capturing the whole event. On the other side, the communication strategies team, organized the whole event content, starting with the topics, presents and speakers, including an agenda. This role-play event was a successful result of the training sessions.

The third day was a recap of the whole session and included final touches on the video captured the day before. The whole event was concluded with the ceremony of issuing certificates for the participants, followed by lunch. The participants expressed positive feedback regarding the logistics and organization of the event, alongside pointing out the positive impact this training had on them by providing them with some more skills. This was emphasized even more by their post-event feedback we have sent to the participants.

Furthermore, as a result of this training, WBAA Communication and IT team could gain 6 new members which bring in specific skills meaning an added value for the team. The training contributed to WBAA promotion, distributing promotional materials and emphasizing the growth of WBAA social media channels.  

A big thank you goes to our trainers Eduart Vluash and Gentian Kurti for their contribution, alongside with all the organizational team.

Please check out our produced video

Sofia, Bulgaria  30.10.2019
Jonida Mersinllari, Deputy Head of Communication & IT team

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