WBAA Board Meeting in Sarajevo

This time the Regional Board Meeting of WBAA took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. During their two-days session (from 19th to 20th October 2019), the present 12 Board members had long, but constructive discussions on different relevant topics with the aim to capture the status-quo of WBAA, to identify priorities for the upcoming six months, to set up an annual plan for 2020 and to work on a long-term strategy.

The first day started with a warm welcoming of the new Regional Board members by the chair of the Board, followed by a general update session about the main activities, such as Memberships, IT topics, WBAA teams and projects. As the WBAA teams simultaneously held its regional meeting in Sarajevo, the common session in the afternoon provided an interface for exchange between the Team and the Board Members. The WBAA Teams presented their outcomes and next steps to the Board which they have worked out during their meeting. After a second session within the Board, the day ended in a dinner with the WBAA Team members in Sarajevo’s old town. The second day was focusing on developing for the annual plan for 2020 and planning a long-term strategy for the next three years. This included a lot of brainstorming about future perspectives of WBAA.

The dinner on Sunday evening united the WBAA Board members for a last informal get-together before everybody headed home to their respective countries.

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