On the 28th October 2019 the Kosovo chapter of the Western Balkans Alumni Association organized a meet-up with its members as well as potential members in Kosovo which took place at the National Library of Kosovo. We had the honour to have representatives of the European Union Kosovo, Stergios Tragoudas, and the Kosovo Erasmus+ Office, represented by Jehona Lushaku, among us. They presented their work which is related to higher education in Kosovo and showed once again their support and underlined their enthusiasm for WBAA.

During the event, WBAA members met, got to know each other and discussed the potential of local and regional project ideas for improving the quality of higher education in the region. Therefore, past and future local projects that were or will be implemented in Kosovo with WBAA funds (through the WBAA Call for Projects) were presented to serve as an inspiration for members, with the aim to encourage them to apply for the upcoming call for projects.

The event was held right after the Erasmus + Info Day organized by the Kosovo Erasmus+ Office where WBAA members also shared their mobility experience.

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On 28.10.2019 the Kosovo chapter of the Western Balkans Alumni Association organized a meetup with its members and…

Gepostet von Western Balkans Alumni Association am Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2019

Prishtina, Kosovo 31.10.2019
Aleksandar Davkov, Head of Communication & IT team

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