Klejda Harasani

Candidate for Vice Head for Communication of Research


What is your motivation to apply for this position?  

I find it an excellent opportunity to work closely with distinguished members of WBAA and expand my experience giving my personal contribution to the team. I fully support the mission and values of the WBAA research team, sincerely striving to help improve the Western Balkans Higher Education with particular emphasis on research and communicating science. I would love to promote it and collaborate with involved partners. I am really enthusiastic about my current projects with WBAA which I am sure will have an impact in the WBAA community and the broader society. Communicating with WBAA members with diverse backgrounds and nationalities has improved my interpersonal skills and confidence, motivating me to further contribute closely within it.


What plans or ideas do you have for the team?

I have been part of this team since the first General Assembly in Tirana and followed with interest the work on the Tracer study. I can contribute to the WBAA newsletter and boost the promotion of the research team activities and projects. Being active in most social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN), I will regularly disseminate the events and information related to WBAA and particularly the research team as well as promote its advocacy initiatives. Communicating and brainstorming with all research team members, but also with other Vice-heads for Communication from other teams will ensure the fuel to great performance and higher engagement.


What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

As a young female professor, I am passionate about research and can dedicate time and energy to fulfill the requirements and tasks necessary for this position. I would describe myself as hard worker, kind, creative, and very responsible.


Please describe your previous involvement with WBAA.

  • Participation in the first General Assembly in Tirana, Albania (2019)
  • Participation in the Networking & Team-building event in Tirana (2019)
  • Participation in the online activities `Friday talks with WBAA` (2020)
  • Participation in the 1st Call for online projects June 2020 (selected project)
  • Project manager of “Using the time wisely during the COVID-19 pandemic – Experiences and perspectives of young people in the Western Balkans” (2020)
  • Member of the project “Enhance health research skills in the Western Balkans” (2021)
  • Member of the Project “Developing participatory methodology for addressing trans-regional issues bridging science and practice: Use case of Intelligent Transport Systems from managerial and technical perspective” (2021)