Western Balkans Alumni Association

What we do?

Academic and Career Development

  • Informs members and WB students constantly on opportunities in the field of study and professional qualifications, through the website or information during organized activities;
  • Is responsible for questions and requests information about WB students in every field;
  • Proposes ideas and projects on academic and career preparation and the changes that can be made in this area. Projects constructed in collaboration with the Department of Projects;
  • Strengthen the links between Higher Education and the Labour Market to ease school-to-work transition and increase graduates’ employability.


  • Inspects demands and conflicts of members and submits them to the steering committee;
  • Manages and deals with the entire online presence and printed content of WBAA;
  • Promotes WBAA on a national and international level;
  • Enhance communication and cooperation with decision-makers, representatives of higher education institutions and other relevant stakeholders.


  • Conducts the research to support project activities;
  • Proposes, reviews, applies and implements project activities;
  • Monitors project implementation;
  • Follows-up the budget expenditures in cooperation with the Department of Finances.

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