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WBAA Communication & IT Team is represented by a group of active and devoted members led by Jonida Mersinllari

The Communications & IT team is dedicated to promoting WBAA on an international and national level. It ensures coherence and consistency in WBAA’s messaging and communications’ outputs, as well as carries out communications campaigns to support the goals of the association. The team manages the online presence of the organization, starting from the social media channels to website content, newsletters, and publications. It assists on managing WBAA projects and has organized one of the first WBAA projects on “Training Sessions on IT skills”. Furthermore, the team is organizing “Friday Evenings with WBAA” online event and managing the new website section WBAA Blogs.

The Team objectives are:

  • Promotion of WBAA activities, events, opportunities & Erasmus+ Programme, in the national and international level
  • Coordinate and oversee internal and external communication 
  • Promotion of Social Media campaigns 
  • Community Management in cooperation with Service Provider 
  • Support in the dissemination of information on available WBAA Social Media Platforms: Online Community Portal, Website,  Fb, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube
  • Inspects demands and conflicts of members and submits them to the steering committee 
  • Manages and deals with the entire online presence and printed content of WBAA
  • Enhance communication and cooperation with decision-makers, representatives of Higher Education institutions and other  relevant stakeholders 

Roles in the team:

  • Social media management 
  • Content creator 
  • Designer
  • Project supporter
  • Community Online Platform management

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