Internationalisation in higher education – documents related to survey [Serbian National Chapter]

The following page contains files to help and clarify analysis of the survey conducted from 28th of March until 6th of April 2018. The results consists of 253 participants who filled out a survey. The question were divided in four groups, i.e basic information, period prior to mobility, period during mobility and fourth suggestions for internationalisation in higher education in Serbia.

The article and additional documents were prepared for the conference “Izazovi u visokom obrazovanju” which is taking a place at 15th of May 2018 in Belgrade, therefore the content of the attached files are provided in local language. Pdf documents were suggestions written by participants, lists of universities and countries during their mobility.

As soon as a new version of document is ready in english it will be updated subsequently.

Photos from the conference where the presentation about research was held by Stefan Ubiparipović and Olga Arsić can be accessed below:

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