Board Members

The Regional Board is the decision-making and the management body and consists of twelve Board members, two representatives from each of six National Chapters (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo* and Serbia).

Rregjina Gokaj Albania Chapter
Rregjina gokaj
Sara Zekaj Albania Chapter
IMAGE01 226x226
Semir Sikira Bosnia & Herzegovina Chapter
DSC 011 226x226
Mario Vrhovac Bosnia & Herzegovina Chapter
IMG 381 226x226
Altin Gashi Kosovo Chapter
Altin gashi
Njomza Sallauka Kosovo Chapter
Njomza Sallauka
Nikolina Adžić Montenegro Chapter
NIKOLI1 226x226
Andrija Tomić Montenegro Chapter
Andrija Tomic
Dejan Galovski North Macedonia Chapter
DSC 0320 Copy 01
Daniel Josifovski North Macedonia Chapter
DANIEL1 226x226
Milan Babić Serbia Chapter
Milan Babic 226x226
Milan Stojanovic Serbia Chapter
Image 123650291 1 01