Western Balkans Alumni Association

The aim of WBAA is to establish a strong union of alumni coming from the western balkans in order to provide a forum for exchange of information and good practices, contribute to evidence-gathering, promote the Erasmus+ programme and other mobility opportunities, empower young people and support them in their pursuit towards successful employment.


Are you interested in participating in a European Union funded mobility? Check out information about the Erasmus+ programme:



You have returned from your mobility and want to continue your Erasmus+ experience? There are a lot of reasons to join the WBAA community!


Get Involved

Do you want to learn about WBAA activities and get involved in its regional initiatives? Get inspired by WBAA members!



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The five clusters of WBAA

Erasmus+ and WBAA Promotion

Learn more about the activities and projects of Erasmus+ and WBAA Promotion

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Knowledge Exchange and Networking

Learn more about the activities of WBAA within knowledge exchange and networking

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Research in Higher Education

Learn more about the activities of WBAA in the area of research in Higher Education

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Modernisation and INTL of HE in WB

Learn more about the activities of WBAA within the modernisation and INTL of Higher Education in Western Balkans

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Training Sessions

Learn more about the training sessions of WBAA and their projects

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