Code of Conduct

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WBAA is an alumni association based on the principles of democracy, cohesion, solidarity, fairness, respect for and equality among the students and alumni of the Western Balkans region. WBAA is a neutral, unbiased and nonpartisan in the existing political discourse.

The network shall be based on a pleasant and stimulating work climate. The interaction between members should always be appreciative, respectful and collegial. Discussions between members should be constructive; there is no room for hostility and nationalistic opinions. (Sexual) harassment and discrimination, including discriminatory or sexually based jokes, actions and comments or any undesirable behaviour should be promptly dealt with, addressed and brought to the attention of the WBAA Board and/or Service Provider.

All WBAA members rights and obligations derive from the WBAA Statute, and the WBAA Internal Rules and Regulations. If financial resources are received directly for your project and other activities, they are to be spent in a targeted and most efficient manner. To prevent fraud, expenses should be documented whenever possible.

The following points are particularly important in terms of external appearance:

  • Social media behaviour: When WBAA members make posts about WBAA topics (e.g. in connection with WBAA Projects), they must not post content that contradicts the principles of WBAA.
  • Use of the WBAA logo and promotional material such as the WBAA banner and flag: The logo may be used for all WBAA related activities.

All WBAA members are expected to abide by this code of conduct. Individuals who are found to violate this code of conduct will receive an official warning by WBAA and may be barred from participating in WBAA activities or events. Repeated infractions, or serious cases will result in the individuals having their WBAA membership revoked.

Status: Version of May 2022