Election results: Vice Head for Advocacy of the WBAA Team Higher Education

From 15 to 21 November, the election of the Vice Head for Advocacy for the WBAA Team Higher Education Reform & Equal access to higher education took place in the WBAA Online Community. The members of this WBAA Team have voted for their team leadership and we are pleased to announce that Vjoela Allkanjari has won the election. Congratulations Vjoela, we wish you all the best for this position!

We would also like to thank the second candidate, Nevena Brdarić, for her willingness to take on an important position within WBAA.

Find out more information about the WBAA Teams and how to join them here .

Your WBAA team


Laura Jarmatz on behalf of the Service Provider

Germany, Cologne, 22 November 2022

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