Informing WBAA members about Erasmus+ opportunities “In the Balkan the mighty Balkan”

The project “In the Balkan the mighty Balkan” was implemented between the 23th and 25th November 2019 in Novi Sad, Serbia. The training event united 18 WBAA members who were invited from six countries of Western Balkans region: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Its main goal was to train and educate WBAA members by providing them with relevant information about Erasmus+ Program opportunities (in the field of education and training, Youth and Sport) as the majority of WBAA members is not familiar with Erasmus+ students exchange programs.

This project focused not only on strengthening the potential of youth (WBAA members) for active participation in civil society, but also on developing their leadership skill as well as their solidarity and understanding among cultures.

Therefore, the „In the Balkan the mighty Balkan”-project included interactive knowledge exchange sessions in which participants presented and shared their own experiences with the Erasmus+ Programs. This working method (non-formal education) provided networking opportunities and possibilities for further project cooperation between the participants

Novi Sad, Serbia 22/23 – 25/26 November 2019
Author: Project manager Nebojsa Djeric

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