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Let’s improve WBAA visibility together (WBAA Design Weekend)

Three-day training about social media management and graphic design, 14-17 November 2019, Pancevo, Serbia.   

The project “Let’s improve WBAA visibility together” brought together more than 30 members from all six WBAA chapters in Pancevo, Serbia on a three-day training (14-17 November 2019) with the aim of providing sufficient knowledge and skills about social media management and graphic design in order to enable WBAA members to work on WBAA promotion.

Additionally, our focus was on strengthening ties between WBAA members and strengthening the sense of belonging to the organization. As a young organization, one of our main duties is to do our best to increase our visibility and to reach as many as we can potential members as well as all other stakeholders.

We can say that during these three days participants were educated on how to work on improving the visibility and relevance of WBAA in the region.

February, 3rd 2020

Milan Stojanovic

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