30/01/2020 | Projects

10th Scholarship Fair held in Sarajevo


As part of the University of Sarajevo’s International Staff Week, 10th Scholarship fair was organized and set the record in number of participants and visitors! Fifty different NGO’s, Universities and Embassies participated and promoted scholarship opportunities, internships and Erasmus + programme to 2000 visitors! This event is one of a kind in our country with the goal of bringing together opportunity holders and visitors, mostly students. All participating institutions had a chance to present in details available scholarships in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, or different kind of support and opportunities they offer to the visitors. Scholarship Fair was held on 17th of October at the University of Sarajevo and opened by the rector Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj who emphasized the importance of University of Sarajevo in development of students, professors and entire country. “We are aware of the situation we live in and we wanted to show the care for students, professors and associates of our university by organizing this Fair as well as for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who are eager for knowledge, learning and chance to get education in specific higher education institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina or abroad.”, pointed the rector Škrijelj. The importance of this gathering was recognized by 54 institutions from 20 different countries, including 8 embassies and 34 universities as well as representatives of governmental and non-governmental local and international organizations. Traditionally, representatives of Austria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Russia and United States of America, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey joined us and for the representatives of Belgium. The Ambassador of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Hideyuki Sakamoto, welcomed the visitors and noted the uniqueness of our Fair. In Japan, as he mentioned, there are around 300.000 foreign students and approximately 10.000 of them are from European countries. “Japanese MEXT scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies receive around 10.000 students. So far, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 50 selected applicants got this scholarship.” Said the Ambassador Sakamoto. Since the beginning of new academic year, students of the University of Sarajevo are able to choose Japanese language as elective subject which reflects the interest of our citizens in Japanese language and culture, noticed the Ambassador Sakamoto. 10th Scholarship fair was organized as part of the University of Sarajevo’s Third International Staff Week and sponsored by WBAA that happened from 15th to 18th October 2019. The presence of all European partners testifies about the importance of the Fair that brought international spirit to Sarajevo!

January,30th 2020

Sabahudin Mujkić