13/07/2020 | News

1st WBAA Call for online projects - results


Dear WBAA community,

we are happy to announce the first project proposals that have been chosen in the framework of the 1st WBAA Call for online projects:

- "OPEN B&H - Opportunities Presence through Erasmus+ Networking in B&H"

- "
eraZOOMus – Online platform to talk, share, comment and engage about Erasmus+ programme"

- "Communication is real sensation!"

- "Using the time wisely during the COVID-19 pandemic – Experiences and perspectives of young people in the Western Balkans"

- "Training on Project Management Tools for More Powerful Youth"

In the coming months you will get further information concerning these projects, so stay alert on our channels in order to get involved in these projects!

We thank everybody who participated in this call and are looking forward to the implementation of these online projects!