07/10/2021 | News

Capacity building for 20 motivated leaders with the aim to increase their efficiency in WBAA teams.

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The training successfully joined together 20 highly motivated WBAA members, from the entire region, with the principal aim to increase their knowledge and skills regarding leadership and team development. The training was held on 26-29 August 2021, at the Grand Hedonist Hotel in Pancevo, Serbia.

Pancevo has already become a well-known city on the WBAA map when it comes to regional projects.
Our experience shows that those who come to Pancevo once for a WBAA project, always want to come back again…

This time the participants had the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the river Tamis and experience kayaking, in addition to the intensive interactive training of leadership and communication skills and a traditional walk around the city. As an important partner, the Grand Hedonist Hotel is proving to be an increasingly reliable partner in implementing regional projects, ready to respond at any moment to sometimes demanding needs of the participants and to enable a smooth implementation of the project agenda. At the same time, they provide comfortable accommodation and delicious diverse food from their kitchen as well as very pleasant conference rooms for the training sessions and a lounge for networking during coffee breaks.

The Western Balkan region lacks quality leaders, as well as efficient team communication and communication in general. WBAA teams can, at times, be a small-scale illustration of this.
With this project we tried to train 20 motivated WBAA members from the entire region with the principal aim to provide them with sufficient knowledge and skills regarding leadership and team development, and in order to initiate the awakening of the WBAA teams as the main "institutions" of WBAA. As mentioned previously, without strong teams, there is no strong WBAA. This 3-day training was a full departure from the comfort zone, where no one was spared from interactive participation. Thus, we do believe that we have succeeded and reached our intended goals.

Additionally, bringing together 20 WBAA members had a great impact on our regional interaction and connectivity and in the long term will lead to a better utilization of WBAA resources for sure.

The official project’s video will remain as a fond memory of our 4 days spent in Pancevo during the end of summer 2021 and will serve to motivate other young people in the region to become part of the Erasmus Plus and WBAA family.

What I would like to add is that in this project, 4 participants (new members) had the first contact with WBAA, one from Albania, one from Serbia, and two from Montenegro. Finally, I would like to mention that the implementation of the project was logistically supported by the local Rotary Club "Mihajlo Pupin" from Pancevo, as well as several non-governmental organizations from the region that actively participated in recruiting participants for the project. I am additionally much obliged to Sweden Alumni Network Western Balkans (SANWB), NGO "GLAS" (youth organization from Montenegro), NGO "Srbija Moj Dom" (youth organization from Serbia), NGO "Infopolis Omladinski Info Centar" (youth organization from Serbia) and NGO "Next Generation" (youth organization from North Macedonia).

See you soon, of course in Pancevo :-)

07.10.2021, Milan Stojanovic
edited by the WBAA team