11/12/2019 | Projects

Conference on bridging the gap between academia and industry

Existing gaps on the communication and cooperation between academia and industry in Kosovo, and possible initiatives to overcome them.

Bridging the gap between academia and industry is a project funded and implemented from WBAA and its members in Kosovo. This project aimed to help targeted stakeholders to bridge the gap that exist between academia and industry. The motivating idea was to gather representatives from higher education institutions and private companies in Kosovo in order to discuss and come up with concrete steps on how to collaborate together in order to help each other. Consequently, this project aimed to strengthen the connection between academia and industry through active involvement of industrial boards in curriculum development. Hence, the beneficiaries, in direct way, would be higher educational institutions, private companies and other organizations involved in recruiting students. This scenario considers students that will study in local Universities, however for students that study abroad (including WBAA members) this proposal presents an opportunity for them to contribute further in their country through active participation, promotion, and involvement either in industrial boards or job market.

Date: 11 Dec 2019
Author: Adelina Basholli