18/12/2019 | Projects

Developing a Network of High School #Erasmus+ Ambassadors in Albania


From the 2nd to 3rd of November 2019, WBAA members Anja Stanisavljevic (Serbia) and Klaudja Koci (Albania), in partnership with Levizja Rinore Puke (LRD), brought together in Puke, Albania 20 senior high schoolers from four different municipalities to improve their knowledge on Erasmus + study opportunities abroad. ‘WBAA-the Youth Higher Education Satellite’ took the participants on a two-day exploratory journey through interactive games, presentations, outdoor and cultural activities.

WBAA-the Youth Higher Education Satellite, with a help of its two experienced WBAA members and the partners from Levizja Rinore Puke (LRD)has guided 20 highly motivated Albanian youngsters through a two day journey of discovering their path, embracing the possibility of change by adopting knowledge regarding experiences of studying abroad, as well as understanding the need to reconnect and strengthen their communities through various exercises, presentations, outdoor and cultural activities. The event was also greeted by the Deputy Mayor of the city of Puke, who encouraged the students not to forget to return and contribute back to their communities, once they finish their Erasmus programme.

The event was highly successful, as the overall objective of empowering youth to discover their passion and pursue higher education with a focus of experiencing Erasmus+ opportunities and belonging to the community, such as the WBAA one, had been reached. Through presentations and interactive games, this project helped the WBAA and Erasmus promotion, while our outdoor and cultural activities fostered networking and cohesion between our participants. Throughout their two-day journey, our highly motivated participants learnt about the WBAA community, the diverse and interdisciplinary programmes under Erasmus/Erasmus Mundus and were trained how to prepare for the upcoming Erasmus application process, and all the challenges of studying abroad. Moreover, our training resulted in youth empowerment and better community engagement in the future. As a final point of this event, our students have presented their own Erasmus imaginary journey-a representation of their personal objectives for their future studies and community engagement. We remain enthusiastic that our newly High School Erasmus + Ambassadors will share their experience among their peers!

Date: 18 Dec 2019
Author: Anja Stanisavljević