02/08/2019 | Open Calls

ESAA Call for Projects - Round I 2019/20


A new year begins for the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA), which means there is a new round of ESAA project opportunities.

Dear WBAA Members,

If you are also a member of one of the ESAA Alumni Associations, you could apply for an ESAA Project. Please take a look at the ESAA Call for Projects – Round I 2019/20:

The Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA) is happy to launch its first call for projects for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. This scheme aims to encourage and enable volunteers all over the world to join forces and implement projects on the ground, which are in line with ESAA’s aims, promote E+ and are of mutual interest of the EC and the volunteers. Please follow the instructions below. Any questions about this call should be submitted to service@esaa-eu.org.

Key dates:

  • Launch of application call: 29 July 2019
  • Application deadline: 18 August 2019, 10 pm (CET)
  • Project selection: project selection is planned to be published by mid/end September.
  • Project implementation: Projects should plan with an earliest project start from early October 2019 – with a latest finalisation of the project by 31 May 2020

Supported project topics:

Your application needs to align with at least one of the clusters listed below. When submitting your application, you will be asked to justify how your project aligns to clusters and components.

  • Cluster 1: Strengthening Higher Education Quality
    This cluster looks to encourage projects that serve to improve higher education.
  • Cluster 2: Spreading Erasmus+ and Widening Participation
    This cluster aims to support the promotion of Erasmus+ and to increase participation in Erasmus+ initiatives and programmes.
  • Cluster 3: Increasing Social Inclusion, Empowerment, and Participation
    This cluster aims to consider issues of social justice and work to address equity concerns and better serve marginalised populations.
  • Cluster 4: Capacity Building
    This cluster aims to increase the capacity of volunteers, Erasmus+ participants, and youth to better engage and participate in varied opportunities.

To give you a better idea of each component, click here (ANNEX I – general ESAA aims and cluster overview): This will offer you a more in depth explanation of the different clusters as well as examples of projects that could align with the scope of the respective component.

Inspiration for projects: If you are still unsure about your project idea, have a look at some of the successful projects from the past here!

ESAA Project sizes:

Applicants can request up 20 000 EUR in support for their project. Any member of an ESAA partner organisation can apply for all sizes of projects. There is no requirement to collaborate with other ESAA organisations or external partners. Of course, project applications with a high collaboration and outreach potential may receive more points in their evaluation criteria (collaborative approach).

Please be aware that we have two different project sizes (lots) with varying requirements:

Lot 1 - Small projects:
Up to 5000 EUR

  • Shorter and simpler application process available
  • Selected projects will receive pre-financing of 80% (advance payment) and up to 20% (closing payment) after the final narrative/financial report.
  • If individual event travel expenses occur the reimbursement has to be organized by the project implementer (ESAA volunteer) for the whole project and will have to be included in the final financial reporting. The administrator (service provider) will not make individual reimbursements.

Lot 2 - Large projects:
between 5,000 and up to 20,000 Euro

  • A more in-depth application is needed to apply for this project support (for more details please check the application link below and narrative proposal ANNEX III b)
  • The selected projects will receive pre-financing of 60% (advance payment), upon approval of interim report 30% and up to 10% (closing payment) after the final narrative/financial report.
  • Event travel reimbursement for participants can be requested directly from the service provider (administrator) by following the cost regulations (ANNEX III page 3 point 7)

Application Criteria:


  • Applicants must be a member of one of the four ESAA Partner Organisations: Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association (EMA), Erasmus Student Network (ESN), OCEANS Network, garagErasmus (gE)
  • We encourage partnerships with other organisations for the purposes of the ESAA Projects scheme. However, non-EAAA partner organisations do not meet the criteria for applications they can only be partners.
  • Applicants can propose up to a maximum of three projects in total (for example two for lot 1 and one for lot 2), but will receive a maximum of one contract per lot only.

Application Documents:

  • Filled in application link (see link below)
  • Budget proposal (ANNEX IV)
  • Narrative proposal (ANNEX III a or b based on a small (lot 1) & large (lot 2) project proposal)
  • Proof of membership with an ESAA Partner organisation (upload in application link). Accepted documents:
    • A certificate that states that you are a member
    • A screenshot of your member account in your community
    • A support letter by your organisation

Templates & support documents:

Evaluation process & criteria:

The evaluation of projects will be conducted by independent evaluators who will follow the criteria listed below:

1. Content

  • Objectives & Relevance
    • Clear description of objectives and relevance of the project and how they align with the planned cluster topics and aims of ESAA.
    • Soundness of the project concept
    • The objectives stated in the application are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Action Oriented, Realistic and Relevant, Time based) and the goals are well described
  • Added value:
    • The ESAA project support is offering clearly defined added value as for the defined aims

2. Quality

  • Structure & Planning
    • Efficiency of implementation plan
    • The application clearly mentions the activities that will be organised before, during, and after the project, with an appropriate timeline. They include the main tasks, responsibilities, resources (budget) needed as well as a clean distribution of tasks
    • key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • foreseen quality assurance

3. Expected Outreach

  • Impact
    • The application clearly identifies the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project, explains how the project impacts its beneficiaries, and how this impact is measured
  • Visibility
    • A promotion strategy, which includes promotion of ESAA and Erasmus+, is clearly defined with a proper timeline, including actors responsible for promotion, platforms used for dissemination, and other relevant details (e.g. participant recruitment, deliverable dissemination to relevant actors, etc.)

4. Budget Feasibility & Resources

  • The budget is easy to understand and clearly outlines the most significant cost line-items required for the development of the project and are consistent with the project activities and goals.
  • Human resources (volunteers) are clearly assigned and availability is safeguarded. The workload is well distributed and balanced, back-up resources are in place.
  • The budget is reasonable in regard to the work/impact proposed.

5. Collaborative approach:

  • Collaboration proposals with other ESAA Partner Organisations and their added value to the project
  • Plans for collaboration between individuals and/or institutions to develop the project are clearly articulated.
  • Inclusion of relevant stakeholders on the planned topic

Reimbursement & reporting of projects:

You will need to report to ESAA about the outcomes of the project through the templates provided by ESAA, before receiving the final project reimbursement.

More information will be offered once the project selection has been announced.

Personal Data Privacy

When applying, you will be required to give your consent to the ESAA Service Provider as well as the European Commission and where necessary the ESAA Partner Organisations to receive, store and use your data and, where applicable the data of your organisation, for organisational purposes.

If your project is successful you also accept that your contact information will be sent to European Delegations (EUDs) and national agencies contacts to promote your project and connect you. The project manager contact information will also be made public on the ESAA website to support further collaboration.

Please be aware you will be using google suite to fill in your application data and therefore you accept the regulations of the google suite regulations. For more information please check these details.

Apply Now!

Interested in applying for a lot 1 project (max. 5000 EUR) or a lot 2 project (max. 20 000 EUR)?

Then please use this application link to apply!

In case you are unable to access the google forms, please reach out to service@esaa-eu .org.