06/11/2023 | News

ESAA Capacity Building Seminar Tallinn 2023

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The ESAA Capacity Building Seminar, focused around the theme "Digital Communication: Social Media, Video Making, and Digital Marketing," was held in Tallinn, Estonia, on the 7th and 8th of October 2023. The event started with a warm welcome from the ESAA Liaison Group organising committee, who encouraged participants to introduce themselves and share their expectations for the seminar.

Trainers Luis Blasczyk and Lennart von Velsen delivered insightful sessions covering various topics, including crafting engaging content on social media, scripting successful short videos, video production, editing, and digital marketing strategies. Participants creatively produced short videos promoting Erasmus+ news and activities, showcasing their newfound skills.

Additionally, the seminar featured presentations from ESAA member organisations such as ESN, EMA, garagErasmus, and OCEANS Network, facilitated by the ESAA Liaison Group.

Beyond the enriching training sessions, attendees enjoyed an intercultural dinner where they shared their diverse cultures through food products and national costumes. Milan Stojanovic, a member of the WBAA Regional Board, represented our organisation and the Western Balkans region, adding a unique touch to the evening.

Watch the video here!

Milan Stojanovic

North Macedonia, Tetovo, 03rd of October 202