23/12/2020 | News


Happy Holidaya 01 100

Dear partners and friends of WBAA,

2020 was a very challenging year for everybody – a lot of plans, events and activities could not be realized or had to be postponed – WBAA for example had to cancel its great General Assembly which should be taken place in March 2020 in Prishtina.

Finally WBAA could at least organize a few but very valuable events and activities on online channels. We started with a great initiative from the board with the WBAA Friday evening talks, where a lot of interesting speakers and guests were invited to talk e.g. about experiences in the pandemic times, about WBAA in general and its structure or about other current topics on the Higher Education field.

In the summer period we realized a first call for WBAA online projects. Here we could implement five very interesting and relevant projects, trainings and activities already in 2020 and will continue to implement part of them as well in 2021. Stay alert about any news here on our social media channels!

Besides this, WBAA realized the first Joint event together with ASAF on Oct,15th called “First joint ERASMUS Days online event with WBAA & ASAF”.

WBAA teams as well as the WBAA board met online for board meetings and team meeting sessions in order to discuss further developments of WBAA structure and activities for 2021.

We thank all partners and friends of WBAA for your great contribution and collaboration you shared for and with the WBAA network and we hope we can continue our great experiences and the ability to plan, implement and establish great international events and activities – online or/and physical again.

We are very much looking forward to all the plans and events in 2021 and we wish you, your colleagues and friends as well as family a great, relaxed and healthy holiday season.

Your WBAA network

Caroline Skibinski, Dec, 23rd 2020 - Cologne