12/10/2021 | News

Kristina Nikolova - North Macedonia

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What is your motivation to apply for this position to become a Board member for the chapter North Macedonia?

Even though my overall WBAA journey might be short and sweet, I strongly believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Having years of experience in volunteering in different organizations, has given me an ever-lasting wish to use my skills in a productive matter, that also has a hint of making the world a better place. This same wish has led me to offer my skills to WBAA.

What are your plans for being a Board member? (What is your action plan for the period you are selected?)

I plan to be engaged in the WBAA community and help in organizing various projects and educational activities. I have to admit I haven't met many WBAA members from Macedonia yet, so I would like to first get acquainted with the teams themselves and their activities.

What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

I am a creative and hard working person who has dabbled in many various fields, from Astronomy to Human Resource Management... the list goes on. This I feel, gives me a slight advantage when it comes to thinking outside the box. More often than not, the roles I have played previously have all required learning new skills (some of which I thought were impossible to learn) and a little improvisation and of course, dedication! As a young enthusiastic person my energy levels are high and my enthusiasm is even higher.

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Creative, Workaholic, Patient