31/05/2023 | Events

Launching #WBAAjuniors

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We are happy to announce the launching of #WBAAjuniors initiative!
This idea started with our head of research Renata Petrevska Nechkoska, who tried out building capabilities with her daughter Noela Nechkoska (or teaching her deer cub) in PR, digital media and reporting from events (along with enthusiastic amateurism on video recording, video editing) with creative audiovisual materials. During the pandemic, at Noela’s age of 9, together with the professional team of the university radio UKLO FM at the University St. Kliment Ohridski Bitola, North Macedonia, they created a youth radio show entitled ‘Слушнете неее! со Ноела’ (‘Listen to usss!, with Noela’) for kids, teens, young adults and (only special kind of) adults.
They (the cub and mom) go together on events, hackathons, game-jams, projects, to capture life and help shed a beautiful light on it, from a specific worldview they have - optimistic and creative.
Check out the YouTube playlist

Since this trail is already blazed from a WBAA-nian and her offspring, we are introducing the idea of #WBAAjuniors to the world, so that we consider the broader ecosystem of collaborators in the (1) Higher Education systems but also in the (2) volunteer’s professional/personal/voluntary approach to activities and projects, and, in this multipartite setting - (3) building capabilities in children and youth along the way of our activities and projects. The juniors are the ones we can learn from and introduce to the cosmopolitan spirit where the world is a field of cultural competition among people, or, co-creation and co-dreaming towards co-evolution. Also, the #WBAAjuniors will be the extended family and friends from our network, which will hopefully sustain the links and enhance them, supporting and helping bring out the best in each other and our region.

Check out the reportage HERE produced by Noela (and mum) on the General Assembly in Belgrade, 2023, with Gereon, Kristina and the fellow WBAA-nians and , and let’s think how this approach can be useful for planting the right seeds - or following the new wave energy and creativity for WB. And approach Noela and Renata for future co-creations of this kind, your kids and you!

Let’s facilitate #WBAAjuniors to build their own collaboration network which interchanges with all of us, hopefully for the better. The #WBAAjuniors can be the ones to start following ;-)

Klejda Harasani, Renata Petrevska Nechkoska

Albania, Tirana, 16th of May 2023