13/10/2021 | News

Milan Stojanovic – Serbia

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What is your motivation to apply for this position to become a Board member for the chapter Serbia?

My motivation to become a Board member of WBAA chapter Serbia is to try to motivate WBAA members from Serbia to become more active and to give greater contribution to their WBAA teams. I do believe that through constant changes in society, student assistance and guidance, cross-border collaborations and promotion of modernisation of higher education we can support the Serbian way towards EU integration and improve relations with other countries in the region.

What are your plans for being a Board member? (What is your action plan for the period you are selected?)

  • Membership review.
  • Membership analysis - (Who wants to be an active member / who belongs to which WBAA team?).
  • Further development of the WBAA 2.0 concept.
  • Registration of interested members in WBAA teams.
  • Establishment of a channel of constant communication between members of the WBAA Serbia (Messenger/WhatsApp chat or WBAA Community Portal).
  • Weekly and monthly meetings.
  • Identification and assignment of internal WBAA Serbia responsibilities.
  • Identification and registration of new members.
  • Erasmus plus and WBAA promotion at Universities over Serbia.
  • Providing training and support to WBAA members in planning, organising and implementing WBAA projects.
  • Closer cooperation with the offices for international relations at the faculties over Serbia and faculties in general.
  • Identification of needed skills on the labor market in Serbia in order to increase employability.
  • Identification of obstacles and limitations in the modernization and internationalization of higher education in Serbia. Current situation and Challenges.

What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

I possess communication, collaboration, negotiation, presentation, leadership and research skills. Also, if I'm elected I will bring to the Board an extensive experience in participation in academic European mobilities and working in international teams, writing bilateral research project proposals as well as writing, organising and implementing WBAA projects.

Describe yourself in 3 words!

flexible, cooperative and goal-oriented