30/01/2020 | Projects

Promoting local participation, nurturing Team-work and strengthen communication among members

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WBAA Albania Chapter organized a Networking & Team-building event in Tirana on the 23rd of November with the aim to bring together and mobilize members in order to get ready for the initiatives and events that WBAA plans to implement during 2020.

This project aimed to empower WBAA members and allow them to perform better in their WBAA organizational tasks and foster Team Work. WBAA Albania wants to invest by providing self-development opportunities to its members by creating a strong group of local members empowered with the tools and knowledge on: Project Management, Youth Organization and Youth Partnership Building, to educate fellow members on advocacy actions. Capacity Building activity where soft-skills can be identified. Team Bonding and where members can learn from one another in a structured and fun way.

Team Building activities were focused on building and developing shared goals, interdependence, trust, commitment, and accountability among team members. Taking a collection of individuals with different backgrounds and expertise and transforming them by various methods into an integrated effective work unit. The purpose is to motivate WBAA members to work together, develop their strengths and address any local chapter weaknesses by encouraging collaboration.

The project managed to bring together 15 alumni members making it the largest initiative in Albania since the Tirana General Assembly.

From the participants, 6 of them were either newly joined members or previous members who had not participated before in WBAA events. These members were introduced to the history and work of WBAA in Western Balkans. By bringing together new and old together, from mixed backgrounds (academia, NGOs, business, students) we managed through specific training modules to enhance group team-work capacities.

After working in groups and by being presented to 4 different project brainstorming modules, the participants developed their own projects ideas that will work into full proposals for the February – March Projects Call. One Representative from ESN Albania joined during the last part of the Event. We agreed to cooperate and work jointly to promote Erasmus+ initiatives in Albania.

January, 30th 2020

Marjola Memaj