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Screening of the film "Humans of Erasmus" and marking Erasmus days

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On the occasion of celebrating Erasmus Day across Europe in the period from 9 - 14 October 2023, on Tuesday, 10 October 2023, the University of Sarajevo, in cooperation with Europe House and the Western Balkans Alumni Association, organised a screening of the film "Humans of Erasmus" – video journey through the Western Balkans region and stories about the Erasmus+ experiences of scholarship holders of this program, authored by Ms. Naida Hodžić.

At the beginning of the session, the deputy ambassador of the EU in BiH, Mr. Adebayo Babajide, greeted the audience, and he gave significant data on increasing mobility through the Erasmus+ program and investments in the future through this and similar programs. The gathering was greeted by the vice-rector for international relations of the University of Sarajevo, prof. Ph.D. Enita Nakaš, stressing that this and similar meetings enable the Erasmus+ program for education and professional development of students, teaching and non-teaching staff to become increasingly recognisable for higher education institutions and primary and secondary schools.

The session continued with the Erasmus+ presentation by mr. sci. Adnan Rahimić, senior associate for international relations at the University of Sarajevo, who explained that all scholarship holders go through three phases of Erasmus: the first phase is the phase of discovering information and opportunities offered by Erasmus, where students most often find information through websites, through information sessions, they get information from colleagues and the like; the second phase is going on Erasmus mobility or the so-called "honeymoon" phase where students encounter all the opportunities offered by Erasmus (traveling to an Erasmus destination, studying at a foreign institution and in a new environment, the quality of the relationship between teacher and student, the wealth of literature and libraries, getting to know other international students, opportunities to travel throughout Europe, getting to know different cultures and customs) and the last phase, the so-called post-Erasmus depression phase, when students return to their country and home institution and try to continue their life and obligations living in constant remembering the wonderful time they had during Erasmus mobility - in the hope that this unique experience will encourage them to change in society and environment.

The session was followed by the screening of the film Humans of Erasmus, which, through a 20-minute screening, gave an insight into the experiences of 15 students from the countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo*, North Macedonia and Serbia) who through various issues from foreign authors described their Erasmus experience. The common conclusion for everyone was the same: Erasmus's mobility must be experienced and not be missed because it makes life better.

After the screening of the film, a conversation with the author, Ms. Naida Hodžić was held, who introduced us to the origin of the idea of the film based on her own Erasmus mobility experiences, writing the project through the WBAA invitation, the realisation of the project, the difficulties and challenges she and her team encountered, and with plans for the next period. During the conversation, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions about the work on the film. At the end, the audience also got the chance to use the "ball" to answer the questions that were the biggest challenge for them during Erasmus (for those who were on scholarship), and which are expectations from Erasmus (for those who have not yet been on an exchange).

The session ended with socialising and networking to further promote the program, the film and the Erasmus+ program throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The seventh edition of #ErasmusDays 2023 takes place from 9 to 14 October 2023, highlighting Europe's cultural diversity and the many learning opportunities it offers through the Erasmus+ program. Erasmus Days help raise awareness of the importance of international cooperation in education and training and highlight the role of the Erasmus+ program in promoting a more connected and culturally enriched Europe. This year's edition will be organised under the theme "6 days for Europe to shine" and in this way, European mobility is celebrated. #ErasmusDays is an ideal opportunity for participants to discover new cultures, strengthen their language and intercultural skills, develop their employability and embrace the European values of tolerance, respect and diversity.

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Adnan Rahimić

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, 10th October 2023