05/10/2021 | News

The new WBAA online community is live!

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On 04 October, the new WBAA community portal was launched for its members!

The new online community went live on Oktober 4th and has a lot of new features.

Here is a sample of (new) features:

  • It is now possible to connect with other members through the WBAA internal chat or even to have a group (video) call.
  • There is a group system for exchanging ideas, e.g. for future WBAA plans.
  • Staying up to date and seeing when upcoming events are happening near you is super convenient.
  • Sharing files is possible, for example in a working group.
  • Members can check out who else lives close by with the map function
  • Being member of the new online community makes member eligible to vote for their next board representative

If you are not signed up to the community portal yet, now is the best time to do so! If you had a profile in the old one, check out the new version and its features, and connect with likeminded WBAA members. The profiles were transferred, so you just have to log in and choose a new password. Check your inbox for an e-mail with detailed instructions (sent out on 04 October)!

Stay tuned for more updates,
your WBAA team.

Cologne, Germany

05 October 2021