08/11/2023 | Projects

WBAA at NET24 Global Conference - Elevating Education!

Warsaw Conference 2023 scaled

In a groundbreaking moment, the Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA) made waves at the NET24 Global Conference in Warsaw, Poland.
WBAA's Head of Team for Quality Mobility/Student Exchange within Higher Education, Mr. Mariglend Pepmarku, took the stage as a distinguished speaker and as an international educator. His mission? To actively contribute to innovative change and collaborate with others in reshaping the future landscape of international education.

The Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA) presented its comprehensive work on education at the NET24 Global Conference, which took place on 25-28 October in Poland, Warsaw. The overarching aim of this conference was to enhance international strategies in higher education.

Invited as a speaker, Mr. Mariglend presented and emphasised the critical need for the enhancement of higher education quality mobilities in the region and beyond, aligning with WBAA's mission. In light of this, with insightful presentations and engaging discussions, the WBAA commitments to fostering education collaborations were praised by different stakeholders, such as university representatives, NGOs, education experts, etc. WBAA's impactful presentation emphasised the significance of global collaboration in education, highlighting the pivotal role of quality mobility and student exchanges. Mr. Mariglend underscored the need for students to thrive in an interconnected world.

As the NET24 Global Conference concluded, WBAA reaffirmed its commitment to collaboration, contribution, innovation, and inclusivity in education. The association's active participation not only showcased its expertise but also offered invaluable insights to the global education community. Driven by a profound mission to empower students and educators, WBAA representative Mr. Pepmarku actively engaged with international counterparts to foster cross-cultural understanding, promote educational excellence, and create partnerships that transcend borders.

Mariglend Pepmarku

Albania, Tirana, 06th of October 2023