28/11/2023 | Projects

WBAA BiZFiN Project

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The “WBAA BizFin” project was held successfully from 28th September to 1st October 2023 at the picturesque mountain resort of Popova Shapka in North Macedonia where WBAA members and students participated. This event served as a collaborative platform, fostering interactive training sessions focused on business plan development and financial literacy. Participants eagerly engaged in this opportunity, enhancing their knowledge, exchanging ideas, and expanding their networks.

The WBAA BizFin project, which stands for Business Plan, Finance Literacy, and Planning Budget, had aims to educate WBAA members about the fundamentals of business planning and finance. These skills are crucial for individuals seeking to start or run a business, as well as those looking to upgrade their skills and advance their careers. Unfortunately, comprehensive education in these areas is often lacking, leading to a shortage of individuals with a strong foundation in these topics.

This training session was designed for WBAA members and students who want to learn how to develop business plan and to provoke WBAA members to start thinking about how to realise their business ideas in reality and to educate them about their personal and business finance and how to plan the budget when they write project proposals.

In the initial phase of the training, participants engaged in a dynamic brainstorming session focused on creating their business plans. Working collaboratively in groups, they enthusiastically generated innovative ideas for their prospective ventures, refining them through active discussions. Following this creative process, each group presented their business concepts, fostering a vibrant exchange of entrepreneurial visions.

The subsequent segment of the training delved into the realm of financial literacy. Here, participants were tasked with developing a comprehensive budget for WBAA projects, adhering to the official WBAA budget template. This practical exercise honed their financial planning skills, emphasising the importance of precision and foresight in managing project resources effectively.

In addition to this, participants were encouraged to unleash their creativity in a unique task: finding inventive ways to save money in various aspects of daily life. This exercise not only reinforced the importance of financial prudence but also empowered attendees with practical strategies for optimizing their personal finances, thereby enhancing their overall financial literacy.

Amidst the enriching learning experiences, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Popova Shapka. Engaging outdoor activities and access to the hotel's spa facilities provided moments of relaxation. The event’s schedule also allowed ample time for networking, enabling attendees to connect, collaborate, and establish valuable professional relationships.

Srgjan Vidoeski

Brussels, Belgium, 31st of October 2023