29/07/2021 | News

WBAA Board meeting 27 June - Recap

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On Sunday 27 June, the WBAA Board met virtually to discuss current issues with the Service Provider and a representative of the European Commission. On this occasion, the new National Representative for Albania, Jonida Mersinllari, was welcomed to the Board.

The WBAA Board discussed topics related to the WBAA community, the Tracer Study and WBAA Projects.
An important topic were the elections for new WBAA Board members this year, as the mandates of 8 Board members from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia end in autumn.

If WBAA members from these countries are interested in this important position, stay tuned - the call for candidates for new Board members will start in September.

At the virtual Board meeting we also talked about future meetings, and we very much hope that the situation will soon allow us to meet again in person.

Germany, Cologne

29 June 2021