02/10/2023 | News

WBAA Project – Blow stress away!

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The Blow stress away! project was organised from 14.-17. September in the beautiful surroundings of the nature park Blidinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The participants were members of the WBAA organisation from Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to them, members of the university, as well as students and representatives of non-governmental organisations attended this event. The project included the promotion of the WBAA organisation and the Erasmus+ program, which includes Internship and fellowship possibilities, scholarships, training and education, grants and volunteering.

The main part of the project was related to lectures on techniques and methods of dealing with stress, as well as conscious eating and food that reduces stress. The participants also learned about the negative health problems that can occur due to stress. This project also included practical part i.e. hiking up to the 2,000-meter-high summit of ‟Hajdučka Vrata”, as well as art and music therapy.

We would like to thank the lecturers for the excellent and instructive lectures and we are looking forward to new WBAA projects.

This project was an excellent opportunity to create new contacts, as well as apply to other Erasmus+ projects with this topic, which is insufficiently involved in society, but very actual. The participants have enriched their skills and knowledge that will help them in their daily work, and we believe that for some of them, the certificate they received will also improve their CV.

Experience of one participant:

As a student of psychology, this was an excellent opportunity for me to improve my knowledge on the topic of stress through lectures and in a practical way. I am sure that the skills I gained will help me in my future professional work with people. This is my first participation in the WBAA project, and I am sure that I will get involved in the work of this organisation. In this context, it was interesting to hear what are the goals and mission of the WBAA organisation, and I hope that I will be a part of it in the near future

Marina Maric

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Blidinje, September 2023.