28/06/2023 | Projects

WBAA project: Buddy-Match Web Application

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The Buddy-Match Web Application has successfully completed its initial development phase and is now available for use!

This WBAA project aims to streamline the process of student-buddy matching for universities. Recognising the potential benefits for numerous universities, a team of 10 individuals from Germany, Turkey, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, mostly comprising IT experts, was assembled to develop the application. After six months of dedicated work, the first version of the application has been completed and is now available for use.

The Buddy-Match Web Application caters to three types of users: students, buddies, and universities. Students and buddies are required to apply for their respective roles, while universities have the authority to accept or reject these applications. The application primarily focuses on assisting incoming students who need support from buddies at their host universities, aiding them with various matters during their exchange or full time transition to other University. Traditionally, this matching process has been carried out manually, but our goal was to create a centralised application that simplifies the process for students, buddies, and universities alike.

With the completion of the initial development phase, our attention now turns to expanding our customer base, which primarily consists of universities. We invite all universities and university representatives to reach out to us and learn more about our application. We are actively seeking collaboration opportunities and are open to discussing potential partnerships that can enhance the student experience across Europe.

To access the Buddy-Match Web Application, interested parties can visit its official website. The website provides detailed contact information and offers a platform to apply for collaboration. We encourage universities to explore the possibilities and connect with us to explore how Buddy-Match can benefit their institutions and students

Semir Sikira

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 22nd of June 2023