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WBAA Regional Board candidates for Montenegro – get to know them now!

M candidates1

We are pleased to announce that we have received four applications for the open position of board member of the Montenegro chapter.

Here you can find more information about the candidates and their motivation to become board member for the Montenegro chapter.

M Damir S1 169x300

Damir Šukurica

WBAA member since: 04/02/2022

Member of which WBAA team: Quality mobility / student exchange within higher education

My engagement with WBAA so far:

How to become a digital marketer. Tetovo, Popova Sapka, Macedonia. 12–15 May 2022

United youth for green Balkans. Novi Sad, Serbia. 19–22 May 2022

Problem-solving and decision-making. Pančevo, Serbia. 26–29 May 2022

Win a project. Sarajevo, Bjelašnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 29–30 July 2022

JOB Preparation Application Simulation. Tetovo, Popova Sapka, Macedonia. 06-09 October 2022 Sustainability in the Fashion and Food Industry as a part of the EU Green Deal and the UN Agenda 2030 strategies, and the role of Western Balkans. Niš, Serbia. 23-26 February 2023

WWw-WBAA Website Workshop Dobra Voda, Montenegro, 23-26 March 2023

WB6 EnvironMental Citizenship and SDGs Training Kraljevo, 11 to 14 May

Communication and negotiation skills for better mentorship by WBAA members and Erasmus+ promotion Popova Shapka, Tetovo, 18-21 May 2023

Digital Entrepreneurship and Self-Development Kolasin, Montenegro, 29 June - 02 July 2023 General Assembly 18 -20 March 2023

What is your motivation for applying for this position to become a board member for one of the relevant chapters?

My motivation to apply for this position is that I think with my experience, knowledge, attitude and plans WBAA can be much better organisation. Also I mentioned that WBAA organisation can gather many more active members than now, considering the fact that there’s a lot of new Erasmus students who finished their studies. Reading the obligations and rights that board members have I decided to apply for this position because like a board member I can suggest support and vote for good ideas. My motivation also is my and experience from people I meet at WBAA projects and their good feelings after project is been realised and when they’re going home, and with my I acquaintances, cooperation with my colleagues from board and support from the EU we can make big progressive organisation which will be talked about in the world.

What are your plans as a board member (what is your plan of action for the period you are elected)?

My plans as a board member is to:

  • Promote WBAA to Erasmus students and their opportunities after their studies
  • Budget increase because of difficulties with transportation in Balkan, costs of fuel, public transport where buses and trains are not always on time, amortisation, high prices of pay toll
  • easier procedure (when applicants apply for projects, they wait to much for response from service provider, also participants wait to much for reimbursement)
  • Increasing number of calls for projects (there are more projects than calls and some good projects have been refused because of that fact) I’m telling this because students need to be encouraged for applying for projects.
  • Cooperation with other organisations

What skills and qualities do you bring to this position?

Master degree in political science, European studies, at faculty of Political science, University of Montenegro, person who organised events for 150 people, like simulation of Parliamentary practice in Parliament of Montenegro. Owner of private business, member of board of directors at governmental institution, institution that recycling garbage During studies active member at lot of NGO, person who participated in many seminars, students exchanges, conferences, summer schools, forums and other. I’m bringing to position: responsibility, commitment, work, perseverance, continuity, new ideas, experience, knowledge, positive energy, connections, innovation, ability to adapt to change, knowledge of technology, team work, ability to lead, good communication skills. during my membership in the organisation, I learned a lot about the organisation, participated in many WBAA projects, been coordinating in one project and applied for one project. I learned about strengths and weaknesses of WBAA

Describe yourself in three words:

Responsibility, Innovative, Hardworking

Niko A 169x300

Nikolina Adzic

WBAA member since: 30/05/2022

Member of which WBAA team: Higher education reform & Equal access to Higher education

My engagement with WBAA so far:

May 2022 my first WBAA event in Pancevo, March 2023 - Bar (Dobra Voda, Montenegro), April 2023 - Pancevo (Serbia), May 2023 - Popova Šapka (Macedonia), May 2023 - Kraljevo (Serbia). I was a participant in all these events, and I was the co-organiser of the event in Kolasin (Montenegro) in July of this year.

What is your motivation for applying for this position to become a board member for one of the relevant chapters?

My motivation for applying to become a board member comes from a desire to actively contribute to the organisation's mission and goals. I see this position as an opportunity to make a meaningful impact, utilise my skills and expertise, and help shape the chapter's direction. Additionally, I am looking to expand WBAA network, learn from fellow board members, and grow personally and professionally through the experience.

What are your plans as a board member (what is your plan of action for the period you are elected)?

First, I would thoroughly familiarise myself with the organisation's mission, goals, values, and current challenges. I will collaborate with fellow board members to develop and refine the organisation's strategic plan, ensuring alignment with its mission and vision. Also, my plan is to engage in board development activities, including recruitment, training, and evaluation of fellow board members. For me is really important to represent the organisation in external settings, advocating for its mission and building valuable relationships and partnerships.

What skills and qualities do you bring to this position?

Here are some skills and qualities which I will bring to the board position:

  • Expertise: I possess in-depth knowledge and experience in working with young people and for young people through many organisations where I volunteered and worked.
  • Leadership: I have a proven track record of leading teams and organisations towards success.
  • Communication: My strong communication skills enable effective interaction with board members and stakeholders.
  • Problem-solving: I excel in identifying challenges and implementing innovative solutions.
  • Collaboration: I foster a positive team dynamic and value diverse perspectives.
  • Networking: I bring an extensive network and valuable connections to benefit the organisation.
  • Adaptability: I can adapt to changing circumstances and embrace new ideas.
  • Passion: I am genuinely enthusiastic about the organisation's mission.

Describe yourself in three words:

Communicative, friendly and honest.

M Veljko S1 169x300

Veljko Sarancic

WBAA member since: 31/10/2019

Member of which WBAA team: Transition from Higher education to labour market and professional life

My engagement with WBAA so far:

  • 2021 October 21 - WBAA Public Speaking Training
  • 2022 April 3rd - WBAA General Assembly
  • 2023 July 2nd - WBAA Extraordinary General Assembly

What is your motivation for applying for this position to become a board member for one of the relevant chapters?

I am highly motivated to join the board because I would like to foster future cooperation in the region of the Western Balkans. WBAA is widely known organisation with respectable reputation and it would be privilege to be part of it. This is great opportunity to make positiver change in our region. There are many possibilities for personal and organisational growth within the organisation by making proper decisions and helping organising the projects. I would like to contribute and lead a positive change in Montenegro by helping organise sustainable projects and activities.

What are your plans as a board member (what is your plan of action for the period you are elected)?

  • foster future cooperation within the region
  • increase number of active members in Montenegro
  • motivate Montenegrin members to take active part in the network and decision making processes.
  • organise workshops at universities about marketing, management and project management.
  • promoting WBAA and its values in Montenegro

What skills and qualities do you bring to this position?

By having lived in three European countries and one in Asia I believe can bring a broader view of the today’s situation and relations between Western Balkan countries. I can contribute the organisation with diversity by bringing in my experiences from a very diverse background. Studying and living in Sweden allowed me to gain knowledge from eminent experts in the field of marketing and management. Firstly, Sweden is a well-known country with strong education, an organised system and where European values are traditionally nurtured. Secondly, the opportunity to live and study in Sweden allowed me to see firsthand how a modern and sustainable society works and where where equality, solidarity and a culture of meritocracy are practiced. On the other hand, significant experience of working in large corporations and banks would add a great value to the board.

Describe yourself in three words:

Passionate, hard working, persistent

M Andrija T 169x300

Andrija Tomic

WBAA member since: 01/01/2019

My engagement with WBAA so far:

  • Internal affairs team
  • Board Member
  • Other than that, I participated in many projects in the past 4 years, including Assemblies, online meetings, and on-site projects.

What is your motivation for applying for this position to become a board member for one of the relevant chapters?

My motivation for applying for this position as a board member for the Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA) chapter stems from my strong desire for new challenges, both in terms of personal and professional growth. I see WBAA as a prestigious regional organisation with a well-established reputation for its international activities. I believe it offers a unique opportunity to champion the values and beliefs of a united Europe through its extensive network of professionals. I am deeply committed to empowering the youth in the Western Balkans to pursue their aspirations and dreams. By being a board member, I aim to serve as a source of inspiration and support to young individuals in our region, helping them reach their full potential. As someone who values education and its impact on society, I am eager to contribute to the improvement of higher education systems in the Western Balkans. I believe that modernising these systems is vital for the region's development and competitiveness on a global scale.

What are your plans as a board member (what is your plan of action for the period you are elected)?

In my role as a board member, my primary focus will be on strengthening WBAA's presence both online and in the local community. This entails enhancing our communication channels to effectively engage with our members. I am committed to reinforcing the values that WBAA stands for and expanding our reach in Montenegro, not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of the quality of our target group. It's crucial that people are aware of all the benefits and advantages of participating in WBAA, and I will work diligently to ensure this information is widely disseminated. Furthermore, I will take the initiative to introduce fresh and innovative communication methods that promote collaboration among all members of WBAA, from service providers and board members to team leaders and team members. Creating a more interconnected network will be a top priority for me.

What skills and qualities do you bring to this position?

I believe I can contribute a diverse set of skills and qualities that align with the needs and objectives of the role. These include: Communication: Effective communication is essential in any leadership role. I possess strong verbal and written communication skills, which will be invaluable in conveying ideas, making decisions, and engaging with WBAA members and stakeholders. Strategic Thinking: I have a strategic mindset that allows me to assess complex situations, identify opportunities, and develop innovative solutions. This skill will be instrumental in setting and achieving long-term goals for WBAA. Networking: I have an extensive network of contacts and connections, both within the Western Balkans and internationally. This network can be leveraged to expand WBAA's reach, establish partnerships, and secure resources for the organisation's initiatives.

Describe yourself in three words:

coherent, grateful, even-tempered

The promotion of the candidates will run until September 14 and the elections will take place from September 15 to September 22 in the Online Community. Please note that you must be a member of the Montenegro chapter to cast your vote in the election.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact service@western-balkans-alumni.eu.

We are looking forward to the elections and the new WBAA Board member!

Caroline Simmler on behalf of the Service Provider

Germany, Cologne 11th of September, 2023