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WBAA Regional Board candidates for North Macedonia – get to know them now!

NM candidates1

We are pleased to announce that we have received two applications for the open position of board member of the North Macedonian chapter.

Here you can find more information about the candidates and their motivation to become board member for the North Macedonian chapter.

NM Daniel J1 169x300

Daniel Josifovski

WBAA member since: 03/04/2019

Member of which WBAA team: Transition from Higher education to labour market and professional life

My engagement with WBAA so far:

I have been member of WBAA since the first GA held in Tirana in 2019. Since then, I have been part of several teams trying to contribute to organisational development and shaping of the process and procedures. Moreover, together with colleagues from the region, I have participated in team for development of project proposals. One project was approved and successfully implemented in 2020. Currently, I am member of the group dedicated to Transition from Higher Education to Labor Market and Professional Life since that is the field where I can contribute the most. In addition, I am voluntarily contributing to the Communication team to increase the visibility of the WBAA on social media networks. At the end, I will share that I have participated on previously organised GAs, and I am aware of the development of the WBAA.

- 19 March 2023 WBAA General Assembly in Belgrade, Serbia.

- 18 March 2023, Teams meetings in Belgrade, Serbia.

- 3 April 2022- Hybrid General Assembly

- March- May 2020- “Project Management Tools for More Powerful Youth”

- 12-13 October 2019- Erasmus+ Ambassadors – Empowering Erasmus+ Alumni

- 14-16 March 2019- The WBAA 1st General Assembly, Tirana, Albania

- 15-17 March 2018- Kick-Off Meeting of the Western Balkans Alumni Association- “Balkan Confluence”, supported by the European Commission, organised in Ohrid, Macedonia.

What is your motivation for applying for this position to become a board member for one of the relevant chapters?

My main motivation is to boost the organisational development by supporting the activities of WBAA nationally, regionally, and globally. Being part of the WBAA Board I will be able to shape the future of the processes in WBAA while creating and developing components together with the other board members. Wider, by being actively involved as board member, I will be able to contribute for our society’s development and improvement of the community values. This motivates me as well. Another motivation factor is that I am sure that the volunteering role in the WBAA will have positive impact on my professional life by acquiring and widening my knowledge and network. In addition, the engagement in WBAA operations will allow me to follow the EU trends of the Erasmus +. Finally, I consider this role as a great change to contribute to the regional cooperation and reconciliation between the new generations in the Western Balkans.

What are your plans as a board member (what is your plan of action for the period you are elected)?

My plan is to have fruitful and focused cooperation with the other representative of the North Macedonia Chapter, as well as the representatives of the other chapters, teams, and the service provider. My plan is to act proactively in the following fields: - Promoting the WBAA network and to increase the memberships. - Working directly with the members to transfer project management experience for WBAA project proposals development and implementation. - Contribution for the WBAA visibility in the media, including social media platforms. - Establishing cooperation with other stakeholders on national and/or regional level, focusing on private sector and academia. - Supporting the process of WBAA registration.

What skills and qualities do you bring to this position?

My private, educational, and professional background so far speaks about the following qualities: - Supportive and creative leader/member of a team - Excellent managerial skills, including sustainable management of processes. - Advanced project/programme cycle management capabilities - Wide professional network (especially in North Macedonia) - Knowledge of fund-raising possibilities - Strategic and multi-aspect thinking and planning skills - Organisational growth and development orientation.

Describe yourself in three words:

Dedicated, creative, supportive.

NM Aleksandar N1 169x300

Aleksandar Nacev

WBAA member since: 17/08/2021

Member of which WBAA team: Higher education reform & Equal access to Higher education

My engagement with WBAA so far:

I am currently the Head of the Transition Team. I have been part of several WBAA activities, such as the Head of Team Meetings (online and physical), WBAA Team Meeting in Durres and in Belgrade and the General Assembly in Belgrade.

What is your motivation for applying for this position to become a board member for one of the relevant chapters?

My motivation is to help with the functioning and further development of the WBAA, broaden my network, and help young people who had studied somewhere in the EU to continue on that path to bettering themselves and have a positive impact in their societies.

What are your plans as a board member (what is your plan of action for the period you are elected)?

Since this is a period when some changes are being proposed (team re-structure, regulations updates etc.), my primary focus will be on welcoming those changes and finding ways to insert them into the everyday functioning of WBAA bodies. Furthermore, i would like to express my readiness to work hard on further improvements on the whole WBAA idea.

What skills and qualities do you bring to this position?

Leadership, discipline, vision, hard work and constant desire to improve myself and others.

Describe yourself in three words:

Hard working, problem solver, visioner

The promotion of the candidates will run until September 14 and the elections will take place from September 15 to September 22 in the Online Community. Please note that you must be a member of the North Macedonian chapter to cast your vote in the election.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact service@western-balkans-alumni.eu.

We are looking forward to the elections and the new WBAA Board member!

Caroline Simmler on behalf of the Service Provider

Germany, Cologne, 11th of September, 2023