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WBAA Regional Board candidates – get to know them now!

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We are pleased to announce that we have received three applications for the open board member positions.

Here you can find more information about the candidates and their motivation for applying.

You can now cast your vote for them on the Online Community until Friday May 31 2024 at 2:00pm CEST.

Dejan Galovski, member since 2019, North Macedonia Chapter

- Why did you first join WBAA? What motivated you?

I joined WBAA after spending a semester on a Masters’ exchange and completing a three-year full PhD programme abroad. Attending the first General Assembly (GA) in Tirana was a turning point for me. The main motivation was the opportunity for networking and collaboration with my peers, establishing regional connections, and being part of an initiative dedicated to making a positive impact in the Western Balkans - this resonated strongly with me.

- What are your plans as a board member for this upcoming period?

As a Board member for this upcoming period, my primary goal is to get WBAA back on track after the silent period of almost a year. I aim to foster regional projects/activities and strengthen networking among members, as this is at the core of WBAA's mission.

- What do you envision for the future in WBAA?

I envision a future for WBAA where members benefit from a wider range of activities, where WBAA is recognised by higher institutions, and where we establish regional and international partnerships. This will enhance our impact and reach, ensuring a stronger community and greater opportunities for our members.

Altin Gashi, WBAA member since 2019, Kosovo Chapter

- Why did you first join WBAA? What motivated you?

I first joined WBAA in 2019 during the Tirana GA. Taking into consideration my involvement in WBAA’s main activities and events, I believe that I can contribute to the organisation, leadership, and expansion of WBAA's scope. One of my main goals is to recruit as many possible participants into WBAA, specifically those who did studies through EU funds.

I truly believe that being part of WBAA for more than five years has given me enough time to understand its potential, role, and functionality. Taking into consideration this background and my connection to WBAA activities, I believe that I can be an excellent team member and a great fit for this position, working closely with other Board members on WBAA’s strategic, financial, operational, and logistic plans.

- What are your plans as a Board member for this upcoming period?

Taking into account my two years of experience as a Board member, I believe that I can contribute to the reorganisation of WBAA and its path towards new projects and ideas, including recruiting as many members as possible. My plan is to increase the number of WBAA events and the participation of members at these events to learn new skills.

- What do you envision for the future in WBAA?

I believe that WBAA will become a larger organisation, more inclusive and open to more Erasmus+ programmes. It will be better organised and will offer more trainings and programmes to its members than in the last period.

Rregjina Gokaj, member since 2016, Albania Chapter

- Why did you first join WBAA? What motivated you?

I have been a WBAA member since its inception. At the time, it sounded unusual to have an association working for the Western Balkans region alumni. Working with university students, and having experienced an academic staff exchange in Europe myself, I decided to join this initiative and bring my experience to the WBAA, meeting people with the same wish: to provide our countries with greater opportunities, especially for the youth.

- What are your plans as a board member for this upcoming period?

My first mandate was a good experience, as I worked to keep our national members motivated. WBAA is currently focusing all its efforts on consolidation. As such, concrete plans are in place to reorganise the Albanian chapter to a higher degree. This means not only keeping them updated and considering their suggestions for a better functioning WBAA, but also helping and supporting them in bringing in their ideas, motivation, and strength for future projects.

I aim to upgrade and strengthen the presence of my chapter in WBAA activities and projects by:

a) creating a forum of discussions via one of the social media channels;

b) raising teams of volunteers to be enrolled in scheduled in-person/online meetings, with the frequency to be decided;

c) mapping members of the Albania chapter according to resources, needs and opportunities and revising the map accordingly;

d) being their voice in the various meetings —including with the Board, the Service Provider or European Union representatives — by bringing their concerns to a decision-making level and offering solutions to any issues with prior consensus and discussion with the members.

- What do you envision for the future in WBAA?

WBAA is currently moving towards a more sustainable future and it needs to take the shape of a self-supported association. My idea for a future WBAA is one with more active and passionate members who work together towards a closer EU community, and who sustain each other in projects, exchange programmes, etc. Another goal I think WBAA members will achieve soon is youth empowerment for successful employment opportunities.

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