11/07/2019 | Events

WBAA Team Meeting in Skopje, North Macedonia


Another successful activity for WBAA, this time, a team-building with representatives of all WBAA departments getting together in Skopje, for three days during 28th-30th of June.

24 WBAA members, who are part of the four WBAA departments, were invited to participate in a team meeting activity in Skopje, North Macedonia, for three days in 28th-30th of June. The motivation was simple: creating and bonding together in each team and boosting cooperation between teams. The activity started on the 28th of June, with a gathering of all team members, starting with small activities in getting to know each of the participants. A mix of WBAA members were present in this activity with different ages, backgrounds, nationalities, displaying the diverse nature of WBAA.

During the three-day meeting, each team had several sessions with the assistance of the service provider discussing possible issues and creating action plans for their department. Below is a brief explanation of what each of the departments worked on:

Academic and Career Development Department

The discussion within this team mainly focused on the development of different projects. Some of the ideas discussed were about:

  • Student and staff exchange
  • Competence and skills for youth empowerment
  • WBAA growth

This department worked on a case study among the region which will be published soon. Another topic was the draft of a research proposal to make a detailed profile for each member of WBAA, as well as preparing a skill training project regarding the creation of the WBAA profiles.

Communication and IT department

The three-day activity was a success for the WBAA Communication and IT team. It was the first activity in which this team not simply just discussed and planned the future work, but also implemented it in real-time. The main responsibility for this event was to manage WBAA social media representation, so it could connect and engage the WBAA online community. Many posts and live sessions were shared via Facebook and Instagram. At the same time, the team created a timeline of their activities for the next three months, planned weekly. The main activities planned and discussed were:

  • Social Media Management
  • Newsletter creation (once in three months)
  • Yearly magazine
  • Suggesting updates for the content of the website

Projects Department

Similar to the other team, the Projects Department was working intensively and focused their work on:

  • New projects ideas and their development
  • Creating action plans
  • Internal work structure of the project team
  • The development of winning projects for the general assembly (WBAA-NARS)

The meeting included a lot of brainstorming ideas and a framework for the future, focusing on diversity and collaboration with other teams.

Research Department

The team meeting weekend, as a great opportunity to work and network in person, was used effectively by the research team.

The research team got the most active, dedicated and hardworking members on board to move the tracer study to an advanced stage, aligned with the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) on methodology and operational plan. The research team is equipped with a concrete plan on how to proceed and looking forward with motivation.

Besides working, the teams got together during their free time. On Saturday evening, all participants went on a Skopje city tour to discover the city. WBAA seems more united than even after this activity.

WBAA participants (24 in total):

Academic and Career Development Department: Regjina Prendushi Goka, Emina Krnjic,Ariton Bajrami, Milan Stojanovic, Njomza Sallauka

Communication and IT Department: Aleksandar Davkov, Jonida Mersinllari, Ena Hasković, Jonida Mersinllari, Gerta Dervishi, Enduena Llesharaku, Marjola Memaj (virtual presence)

Projects Department: Baton Isniqi, Kristian Thomaj, Olivera Topalović, Dorjeta Rukiqi, Tamara Tanjević

Research Department: Arber Hajrizaj,Renata Petrevska Nechkoska, Marina Tomovic, Klaudija Koci, Daniela Koltovska Nechoska, Vesna Travica,Anita Juric, Samir Beharic, Tihomir Latinovic, Adelina Basholli , Mergim Hajrizi (virtual presence)

Skopje, N.Macedonia 28-30.06.2019
Authors: Jonida Mersinllari, Aleksandar Davkov