20/07/2023 | News

WBAA Virtual Board Meeting

Board meeting square

Considering the large number of important ideas and proposals for the future functioning of our organisation that were presented at the WBAA General Assembly in Belgrade, and which were not decided upon at the time but which were developed in detail in the meantime, a Virtual Board Meeting was held on July 1, 2023, starting at 10 a.m., just a few days before the scheduled WBAA Extraordinary General Assembly. Besides regular topics concerning the functioning of the Board itself (WBAA chapter reports, updates from the service provider), at the Virtual Board Meeting were discussed ongoing and upcoming calls for new WBAA Regional Board members, idea of having WBAA Scientific Repository section on WBAA’s website and Team building event in November in Sarajevo.
Last and the most important topic for discussion was dedicated to preparation for the WBAA Extraordinary General Assembly, finalising agenda and share of responsibilities among the Board members.

Milan Stojanović

Mexico, Mexico City, 13th of July 2023