27/09/2023 | News

WBAA virtual Teams meeting


The WBAA Teams virtual meeting took place online on Sunday, 17th of September 2023. Members from all four WBAA teams were present. Starting from 10 o´clock, participants were welcomed in the plenary session and team leaders reported on the work done during the last months. Afterwards, breakout sessions made possible discussions within each team separately, elaborating on their internal functioning and future proposed activities.

The outcomes of the meeting were presented finally by the present Heads or Vice-heads of WBAA teams, summarising the main topics.

Later, moderated by Renata Petrevska Nechkoska, the Service Provider and Klejda Harasani, another meet-up for task force session took place, focused on “WBAA Teams Restructuring”. Productive discussions and interesting proposals were showcased, which will be shared soon with the entire WBAA community.

We remind WBAA members to share their opinions, contact your team members in the community platform and continue to be active towards our common goal: make sure that the young people’s voices in the WB region are heard loud and clear!

Klejda Harasani

Albania, Tirana, 21.09.2023