09/10/2023 | Events

WBAA's Participation in the garagErasmus Foundation's XI Annual Meeting

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The WBAA (Western Balkans Alumni Association) board member, Dejan Galovski, actively participated in the garagErasmus Foundation's XI Annual Meeting held at Malta College of Arts, Science, and Technology (MCAST) University in Malta from September 7th to 8th. Aligned with the European Year of Skills, the event served as a crucial platform for insightful discussions and meaningful collaborations.

Under the guidance of Carlo Bitetto, Network Manager of the garagErasmus Foundation, the conference featured significant presentations on the future of education and mobility in Europe. It emphasised the Foundation's dedication to enhancing mobility and fostering an integrated Europe. Malta's Minister for Education and Sport highlighted the importance of practical competences and ethical values in shaping European citizens, echoed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Education in Malta, who emphasised the need to address the skills gap through a focus on values and ethics. This leadership transition reaffirms the Foundation's unwavering commitment to its mission.

The conference also saw active participation from various ESAA networks and regional representatives, including EMA, OCEANS, and ASAF. During the event, WBAA board member Dejan Galovski presented the organisation, leaving a significant impact on attendees and influencing their perspectives. Together, these networks showcased the collaborative essence defining the Erasmus+ community, collectively striving to enhance Europe's mobility, integration, and skills development.

In summary, attending the garagErasmus Foundation's XI Annual Meeting proved to be a rewarding experience, emphasising the pivotal role of international education and the academic contributions of alumni associations. This gathering underscored the essence of the "Year of Skills," emphasising the crucial need for honing relevant competencies. Together, these initiatives are catalysing significant transformation in the global higher education arena, nurturing invaluable connections, and creating boundless opportunities for the upcoming generations.

Dejan Galovski

North Macedonia, Ohrid, 05th of October 2023