23/07/2020 | Blog

Writing Contest “I am WBAA” - article by Altin Gashi

Author: Altin Gashi – Kosovo Chapter
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I am WBAA!

As a scholar of the Erasmus + program, I was very excited to participate in the first General Assembly of WBAA and to meet some of the most educated, passionate and highly motivated members with the main aim to improve the higher education in Western Balkan countries. Together with those incredible people we agreed to create teams and elect the leaders of the teams which were diverse from all WB countries.

A very specific characteristic I saw on most of the WBAA members I met was that they are not localist nor nationalist and came all together to voluntarily contribute on planes and projects with common interest of WB countries higher education. This union of scholars is the bright side of the Balkan and the hope of their future prospect too, taking into the consideration the desire they have to make changes and improvements in higher education system.

According to me, WBAA is the future actor of higher education in Balkans powered by the European Commission with the aim to approximate the Western Balkan and European education system.

I am very delighted with the organization, teams, and the collaboration we create within our teams, and the positive attitude members spread to each other.

I would say: “WBAA is home for those who want to make education greater”.