04/05/2023 | Projects

WWW - WBAA Website Workshop


The project "WWW - WBAA Website Workshop" was held from March 23-26, 2023, in the coastal area of Montenegro, specifically in Dobra Voda near Bar.

Twenty WBAA members from all six WBAA Chapters participated in an interactive workshop about the importance of websites in the digital world. The workshop was successful in facilitating groups to create websites for their ideas.

The aim of the project was to create a workshop for WBAA members who are interested in learning how to create websites and take advantage of the opportunities presented by digitalisation. In this digital world, we communicate only through websites and website-based technologies or services. The trainer provided instruction on how to create websites in the simplest way possible and taught participants how to use their newfound knowledge to design websites for their own purposes or for businesses.

This training session was designed for WBAA members who want to learn how to create website easily and how to present their ideas in the digital world. The first part of the training focused on the importance of the websites and their usability and how important are SEO (Search engine optimisation) and Keywords for success and websites ranking at Google. On the second part, tools, techniques and web design software apps were presented to participants. They subsequently used them working in groups with the task to create a website based on their ideas.

Furthermore, in addition to the workshop, participants had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful coastal area of Dobra Voda in Montenegro. They also had time to visit the nearby city of Ulcinj and engage in networking activities.

Very productive days acquiring useful skills and networking with WBAA members!

Luka Tomkovic

edited by Klejda Harasani and the Service Provider

25th of April 2023, Podgorica, Montenegro