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OECD 2021 Western Balkans Labour Migration Survey

We are pleased to inform you that the OECD South East Europe Regional Programme has launched the OECD 2021 Western Balkans Labour Migration Survey.

The survey is intended for all individuals who emigrated from and/or returned to the six Western Balkan economies (WB6), with a specific focus on migration to Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Its objective is to get a better understanding of the motivations for migration, the choice of the destination country, and factors for return migration. Migration experience and linkages of the diaspora with their home countries.

The survey results will support the study entitled “Labour Migration in the Western Balkans: Mapping Patterns, Addressing Challenges and Reaping Benefits”, which aims to provide evidence-based information on labour migration and latest insights on the impact of  COVID on migration with the purpose to issue targeted policy recommendations for each WB6 government to address root causes of labour migration and to reap benefits of circular migration and the diaspora.

The survey is open until 31st of August and can be accessed here.

You can find out more on our Facebook page here.

Cologne, Germany, 22 July 2021

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