ŽIVI(nice) Erasmus

The goal of the project we called ŽIVI(nice) Erasmus* is to promote EU funded opportunities, Erasmus+ and similar exchange programs to youth and general population in a city Živinice and the surrounding region where such exchanges are not promoted as needed during a weekend of activities in July 2019. Activities for the locals will involve info sessions, workshops, live library and movie projection on 20th and 21th July 2019. ŽIVI(nice) Erasmus – the name of a city is Živinice and we wanted to play with it and make a catchy name of a project živi on Bosnian means to live – and the rest of the letters than form an English word nice – so on English it would mean live nice Erasmus – in one way it represents the mix of language you use when you go on Erasmus you use English to promote your culture and it happens that after you return from Erasmus you use both language when speaking with friends and family without even realising.

Project manager: Leila Lizde leila_lizde@hotmail.com

Time period: 2019

Project Manager : Leila Lizde